Hotel Falknerhof in the Ötztal

Vacation in Niederthai

The Darf [alm village] of Niederthai lies at the heart of Tyrol, amidst the natural setting and wild-romantic mountain world of the Ötztaler Alps. A place to rest, to feel well and to Trååmen [dream]. Nestled against the gentle Lenaaren [mountain slopes], the Falknerhof hotel welcomes its guests with open arms. From the first encounter guests feel in competent hands and most warmly welcome by their hosts Peter and Steffi. At an altitude of 1,560 metres above sea level, it is easy to leave everyday stress behind and to consciously let the view wander into the distance, taking in the beauty of nature around the hotel in Niederthai. 15 turns must be scaled from the valley to the accommodation: A good opportunity to leave hustle and bustle behind on Roasn [on the trip here]. Lei inha [Do not hesitate] to discover the Falknerhof!

The Falknerhof continues this quietness and authenticity in its architecture and materials. The bond with the region and nature can be experienced in every angle of the house: From the solid wood furniture in the rooms, the loving care with natural cosmetic products in the Gipfelbad spa, all the way to the delicious dishes made of regional products. To make everything complete, you want active outdoor experience. And that is available haifne [in abundance] around the hotel in the Ötztal. In summer, mountain and valley can be explored on varied mountain bike tours or extensive hikes for the whole family with unique views. In winter skiing areas, cross-country trails and tobogganing rides attract grown-up and little guests alike to explore the fantastic snow-covered winter world. Find your personal dream holiday activity at the heart of the Ötztal.

The Falknerhof - jewel and refuge at the source of being.

The things you can find here with us, at the source of being...


The ancient and majestically rising mountain summits have seen storms, wind, ice, snow and sunshine over centuries. Take in this strength and peace when exploring our untouched nature and let it touch your soul.


The original, natural elements contribute to the irresistible attraction of our area. The glittering dew drops at dusk, the starlit night sky and the impressive mountain silhouette that appears against the setting sun.bzeichnet.


Nothing created by man reaches the natural glory that lies in the quietness and authenticity of nature. Experience nature for the sake of its mere existence and retain this pure and genuine feeling in your heart.