Nature Experience Ötztal


When staying at the Falknerhof experiencing the pristine and genuine nature is always a top priority. Around our hotel, 1,560 metres above sea level, there is quite a lot to experience and to be discovered throughout the year. Crystal-clear mountain lakes, snow-covered mountain-slopes, lush alpine meadows; sometimes nature presents itself colourful, eager and alive, sometimes it seems to be quietly sleeping, wrapped in a white blanket. Every season has its own appeal and offers unique views of an intact ecological system. As a Nature Watch Hotel, we offer a variety of nature observation activities.

Guest of the Falknerhof, however, do not always have to move far to experience nature. When it gets dark to moon and stars seem to be within reach at the sky and around the dawn, peacefully grazing deer and fawns can be observed right from the hotel terrace. In the Ötztal hunting has always been a part of life with nature and its gifts. Regular shooting seasons and a shooting plan in line with forest preservation help to protect nature and all its inhabitants. Apart from hunting success, the nature experience is the focus when hunting in Niederthai. Listen to nature and lose yourself in the width of the surrounding mountains, meadows and forests.

Becoming one with nature - hunting vacation at the Falknerhof.

Here you will find an up-to-date overview with hunting times, prices and all important information about mountain hunting in Tyrol: Mountain Hunting Flyer 2021


The Hunting Season

  • Ibex: 01 Aug - 15 Dec
  • Chamois: 01 Aug - 15 Dec
  • Groundhog: 15 Aug - 30 Sep
  • Black grouse: Art. 9 of the Bird Regulation - exceptions only
  • Deer: 01 Jun – 31 Oct (I and II), 01 Jun – 31 Dec (III), 01 Jun – 31 Dec (doe)
  • Red deer: 01 Aug – 05 Nov (I), 01 Jun – 31 Dec (does), 01 Aug – 31 Dec (II and III)