Hunting in the Ötztal

Hunting Holidays at the source of being

In Austria, hunting is based on an old Germanic tradition. The aim of the hunt is not the shooting itself or bringing home the game; the philosophy behind it lies rather in the search for the game, the stalking, quick reaction and only then on shooting.

At 1,560 metres altitude, hunting is an incomparable experience. The silence. The freshness of the air. The pristineness of the alpine natural landscape. To keep it this way, it is important to make sure you stick to the legally stipulated conditions and, above all, to the defined shooting seasons when planning your hunting trip.

The Hunting Season

  • Ibex: 01 Aug - 15 Dec
  • Chamois: 01 Aug - 15 Dec
  • Groundhog: 15 Aug - 30 Sep
  • Black grouse: Art. 9 of the Bird Regulation - exceptions only
  • Deer: 01 Jun – 31 Oct (I and II), 01 Jun – 31 Dec (III), 01 Jun – 31 Dec (doe)
  • Red deer: 01 Aug – 05 Nov (I), 01 Jun – 31 Dec (does), 01 Aug – 31 Dec (II and III)