Conditions of the Hunt

Hunting in Tyrol in conformity with nature

Conditions for hunting in tyrol

The Tyrolean hunting pass requires a valid local hunting license. The hunting guest pass is valid for ten days and costs € 30.
You furthermore need a suitable weapon, best as previously discussed, appropriate ammunition and an adjusted telescope lens. Prior to hunting two test shots are required.

advance payment

When accepting the shooting quota we ask you to make the prescribed advance payment within 14 days after receipt of the allocation.


If an accepted shooting quota is cancelled up to seven days before the agreed hunting date, an expense reimbursement charge of € 70 is billed for each type of game booked. In case of cancellations within seven days before the agreed hunting date, the expense reimbursement charge of € 70 will be billed in addition to € 70 for each of the reserved three and/or four stalking days, however up to the maximum amount of the advance payment made. In case of non-appearance on the agreed hunting date (test firing) without previous cancellation, the entire advance payment is forfeited.

shooting quota

The hunt is always an individual hunt. Shooting must be discussed before the hunt and must corresponded to the shooting plan. Shooting can take place only if the game can be addressed and is approved by the hunting guide. There is no entitlement to a specific condition and quality of the trophy. With the shooting all taxes are obligatory to the full amount, even if the hunted animal should not correspond to the hoped for quality and the price idea.


Trophies are boiled and then handed over to the hunter. Only after complete payment of the total account and after having been submitted to the obligatory trophy inspection they become the property of the person bringing the game down. Boiling the trophy: € 30.
The shooter must submit the trophies at his own costs to the hunting administration for the obligatory trophy inspection. Transferring and/or collecting the trophies is at the shooters risk and expense. The game (including hide) remain with the hunting administration for utilization. Should the trophy be prepared, we can recommend a taxidermist to you.

guide fees per day

  • Deer: € 120
  • Chamois: € 120
  • Groundhog: € 50
  • Black grouse: € 120
  • Roe buck: € 100
  • Capricorn: € 120

Hunting fees can only be paid on-site in cash.



test shots | missed shots | hunting weapon

Before beginning the hunt at least two sample shots are required in the presence of the stalking guide. If no sample shots are made in the presence of the stalking guide, then in case of any off-target shots (game missed) the fee stated with the firing taxes is charged in full.

For hunting black grouse and groundhog, the use of full metal jackets for the hunt is not permitted. If the hunting guest uses the weapon of the stalking guide or the hunting administration for the hunt or the sample shots, then a cost reimbursement per shot to the extent of the collective-contractual cartridge remuneration is charged for.


Shots should only be fired from the right distance and under the best conditions for killing the game. Just wounding the animals is frowned upon. In this case, the hunt is interrupted and the game is searched with a hunting dog. If a wounded animal is only found after the end of the hunting stay of the guest, then the difference between the amount for just wounding and the shooting tax is to be paid by the shooter. Only then, the trophy will be handed over.


Own dogs - even hunting dogs - may not be taken along on the hunt!


The hunting practice and trips within the hunting ground take place at your own risk and danger!

hunting check list

  • Foot and outdoor wear suited for mountain terrain
  • Army knife
  • Warm jacket, coat
  • Backpack with a capacity of at least 36 l
  • Binoculars
  • Sufficient ammunition
  • Spare clothes/underwear
  • European arms licence
  • Gloves/cap
  • Hunting license
  • Head lamp or flashlight
  • Bottle or thermos flask

Please note that our hunting grounds are located at an altitude between 1,000 and 2,900 metres above sea level. Even in mid-summer it can be cool or even cold with snow. When temperatures are down, a thermos flask with a warm beverage is recommended, as plastic bottles and packaging are often very noisy and thus not suited for hunting.

advice for hunters

Respect the local customs! A hunter, even if he bears a rifle or game is always a welcome sight in Austria.