Nature Watch in the Ötztal

Nature up close

Discovering the invisible

The lush alpine meadows in spring, refreshing mountain lakes in summer, multi-coloured autumn forests and snow-covered mountains in winter: The mountain world in the Ötztal is as varied and charming as the seasons themselves. A stay at the Falknerhof is more than a mere vacation. Here, at the source of being, you can expect unforgettable nature experiences.

The majestic mountain world around Niederthai inspires with impressive, millennium-old glaciers. The alpine rose, wild geranium or powerful pine trees, stone pines and spruces shape the alpine landscape that is home to many shy inhabitants: Deer, hares, red tails or house sparrows fill the magnificent nature with live.

Thanks to its unusual situation amidst this idyllic mountain world, the Falknerhof offers an ideal starting point to explore the area's flora and fauna. As Nature Watch Hotel, we offer a variety of nature observation activities to our guests.

Our nature watch highlights

  • Nature Watch snow-shoe hikes
  • Rut of the stags - right at the hotel
  • Tracking and information on hibernation of local animals
  • Game observation - right from the hotel terrace
  • High-quality Swarovski binoculars and spotting scopes for rent
  • Hunting and fishing in our own grounds
  • Well-equipped nature library
  • Experienced and trained Nature Watch hiking guides
Klettern im Ötztal, Stuibenfall

ROUTE 1: Mountain Tauferberg at Niederthai

Numerous precious nature juwels in the basin valley of Niederthai and in the landslide area of the mountain Tauferberg are waiting to be discovered. During the day hikers can enjoy the beauty of nature and during the night shy wild animals such as deer and cervine, are searching for food. The meadows around Niederthai enthrall with floweriness and at the idyllic lake Mauslasee you can find further highlights of the flora and fauna.

During your exploration tour through the meadows of Niederthai you can enjoy the rich diversity of flowering plants and the panorama view to the breathtaking glacier of the Ötztal in a high alpine mountain scenery.
Until the 20th century today’s meadows around Niederthai were used as fields to cultivate potatoes, flax and crop.
Today’s scenery has been shaped by postglacial landslides. One example for this is the waterfall Stuibenfall, which developed as a result of Austria’s largest landslide, the Köfeler landslide.
At the lake Mauslasee you get insight into the world of acquatic creatures and plants of the mountain world: You might meet dragonflies, backswimmers, grass frogs and Alpine newts as well as ferns and horse tails.
You’ll go past pines, spruces, arolla pines and larches. The mystic ending of the tour will be a walk through the wood.

Starting & Ending point: Hotel Falknerhof | Level of difficulty: moderate (red) | Track length: 4 km | Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

ROUTE 2: Waterfall Stuibenfall at Niederthai

The power of water is omnipresent during this tour: Thousands of years ago glaciers left their marks on this scenery. The waterfall Stuibenfall is the highest waterfall in Tyrol with its water rushing down from over 150 m. In between you also walk across green meadows and past a stream, which accompanies you a little way with its gurgle of brook.

The tour takes you through the nature park Ötztal, which comprises 380 m2 of predominantly alpine and high alpine areas.
From the site „Kraftplatz“ you have a stunning view. The platform has been smoothed by the ice thousands of years ago. It shows the power with which nature shaped today’s scenery.
The scenery is characterised by meadows with grass and flowers that have been trenched with irrigation channels and gullies that have been fixed with stones. They go many km along the hillside which results in a unique geometry.
The 158 m high waterfall Stuibenfall is also very impressive. The waterfall developed as a result of a big landslide that has congested the stream Horlachbach.
At the site where the stream Horlachbach calms down you can find river and rainbow trouts as well as chars.

Starting & Ending point: Hotel Falknerhof | Level of difficulty: moderate (red) | Path type: steep path; hiking path | Track length: 4 km | Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes