Ski tours in Tyrol


Right from the Falknerhof hotel, you can set out to varied and impressive ski tours around Niederthai. At your own pace through the fantastically snow-covered and untouched winter landscape and high up - after an arduous ascent a feeling of happiness emerges with wonderful panorama views of lonely summits and you look forward to unforgettable descents in the fresh powder snow.

If you deeply inhale fresh air, feel your pulse and every muscle of your body completely conscious. If you concentrate on the moment, listen to the crunching snow and immerse yourself into the pristine and beautiful alpine mountain world in the Ötztal. Discover places you have so far only dreamt of and, for this instant, be wholly concentrated on yourself.

Ski touring is more than a mere sport or leisure activity. Ski touring rather is a philosophy, an attitude towards life and a priceless experience. Discover the magic of this sport in your vacation in Niederthai and venture on a discovery journey.