Public interest balance

Pure Nature and Sustainability

For an economic future

Sustainability, preservation of resources, social responsibility, work-life balance and fair trade are more than empty words at the Falknerhof. We want to accept responsibility and give our children and grandchildren the possibility of a life in prosperity and peace.

The public interest balance for the Falknerhof reflects our commitment for the environment, for a lasting and economic future.

The pillars of a better world:

  • Human dignity
  • Solidarity
  • Ecological sustainability
  • Social justice
  • Democratic participation & transparency

Our obligation:

  • Regional food, seasonally and biologically produced
  • Building materials from the region, free of chemistry
  • Energy-saving pellet heating
  • Use of ecologically justifiable cleaning and detergents
  • Energy saving devices and lamps
  • Long-term supplier connection with fair price structuring
  • Investment into sustainable funds
  • Flexibility, food and use of the spa area for our employees
  • Training enterprise
  • Transparency
  • Solidarity with co-companies