Massages in the Ötztal


Visit our new massage area and enjoy being fully pampered. Surrounded by the impressive mountain world, you will become one with the pristine nature within moments. Take in the scent of summer and enjoy the peace that will run through your body.

"Alm Wellness“ for all senses. After a long hike or cycling tour, there is nothing more pleasant than a relaxing bath and a soothing massage. The ingredients of the oils we use are individually matched with your treatment and personal preferences. Choose your desired application among our broad variety of treatments, massages and products.

The expert hands of our therapist will pamper your muscles using natural techniques that consciously concentrate on the substantial: Your well-being ensured by alpine care. When it comes to massage and wellness treatments at the Falknerhof, we therefore fully dispense with exotic Asian trends!

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The classical massage affects the lymphatic system, cardiovascular system, respiration, metabolism, skin function and the neuro-vegetative system. Here the back or the whole body is treated by stroking, friction, kneading, knocking, rolling etc. From the treated area, the effects of the massage spread across the entire organism and includes the psyche as well.

Murmel massage oil: promotes blood circulation, regenerates skin cells, solves muscle tensions, strengthens the immune system

St. John's wort massage oil and massage milk: strengthening, centring, stabilizing, cell-regenerating, soothing

Arnica massage milk: refreshing, stimulating, activating, cell-regenerating characteristics

Propolis - massage milk: skin-friendly, caring


The Breuss massage is a highly sensitive back massage along the entire spinal column. It solves in-depth as well as superficial blockades and is ideal for people with disk problems. By activating the spinal canal in certain areas, it is gently stretched in a natural way. By applying larger quantities of St. John's wort oil across the back, disks are supported and self-healing mechanisms that calm and relax the nervous system are triggered. By applying silk paper and certain stroking techniques, the energy flow in the dorsal area is promoted. Energy and harmony are additionally supported by a special imposition of hands. The Breuss massage is a deeply relaxing massage that is a unique experience thanks to its special application techniques.


This massage uses various massage techniques. With pine arnica massage milk and warm Zirben-Vital-Stäbe, a high level of relaxation is obtained, whereby sticks in different lengths and diameters are used. These sticks are first rolled gently, then more firmly over the entire body, in order to solve tensions! Effects of the Zirben Vital Massage:

  • Better blood circulation
  • Joint and muscle flexibility
  • Energy and vitality
  • Reduces stress
  • In-depth relaxation
  • Improved skin health
  • Solves tensions and blockades
  • Increased body function
  • Stabilises circulation

Booking massages online


25 Min.

€ 36,00
Full body massage

55 Min.

€ 68,00
Partial massage

25 Min.

€ 34,00
Reflexology massage

25 Min.

€ 38,00
Alpienne Wadl Massage [calf area]

25 Min.

€ 38,00
Breuss Massage

50 Min.

€ 70,00

50 Min.

€ 89,00