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Nature teaches us to be humble.Living at origin and enjoying nature everyday automatically means making a commitment. For us, it is a passion to protect nature.

The beauty of our forests and meadows, our rivers and mountains are the magnet that attracts so many people.
It is the strength that comes from this that makes a holiday with us so relaxing.

We want our future generations to understand what living at the source means. The beauty of nature should be preserved. We want to set the example for this.

Our sustainable principles at the origin

Village spring in Larstig, a village fountain in front of the hotel is a refreshment point for people and animals, refilling drinking bottles, meeting point for a chat, Kneipp after the hike

A farmer always knocks on our door when his produce is ripe. Except for the fresh Niederthai eggs from the farm, which come once a week at any time of year. The chickens here are very hard-working.

"Game on game"! - The game meat comes exclusively from our own hunt. Nature sets the table with berries, mushrooms, herbs, fir tops, pine cones and lichen. Products are grown and harvested in the immediate vicinity or come from the neighbouring farm. Everything is lovingly processed with great care and food waste is avoided. The "bewusst Tirol" seal of quality - we receive high-quality food from Tyrol.

We make a valuable contribution with the help of our guests. Room cleaning only on request and as required, thus conserving resources.

Our supplier Hollu in Zirl: ecological cleaning with the hollueco product line, ecological products based on renewable raw materials, CO2 neutrality by 2025, Ecolabel and Austrian Ecolabel, SDG measures anchored at our Hollu supplier, water savings, cleaning agent saving

Use of ecological materials from the valley, such as wood from the local larch, granite stone from the Ötztal, fabrics from a loden manufacturer in the Inn Valley, sheep's wool from Umhausen.

It feels like 100 metres to the first tree, and then as far as your feet can carry you, it couldn't be healthier, high oxygen content, valuable things from the forest such as berries, mushrooms, herbs and fir tops end up in our kitchen, lichens and mosses characterise a healthy climate

Consciously Tyrol, Tyrolean products

We are passionate about the region, we use regional products whenever possible!

Reliability and decades of co-operation with suppliers from the Ötztal,

strong ties to local partners and suppliers. For every single construction phase

we were able to access strong partners from the region with building materials from the region and an ecological construction method.

We source food such as meat, potatoes and vegetables directly from the village and the surrounding area. The wine cellar is stocked exclusively with Austrian wines, avoiding transport routes from all over the world. In Peter's Greisslerei there is our own gin "der Kauderer" with mountain hay, Grant'n and Swiss stone pine needles, Steffi's Swiss stone pine schnapps made with Swiss stone pine cones from the Grastal, bread oven right next to the hotel fountain, where bread is still originally baked in a wood-fired oven.

High-quality soaps as natural cosmetics in the rooms, no plastic tubes for shower gel etc.,

No disposable slippers to avoid mountains of rubbish and plastic soles.

No plastic wherever possible throughout the hotel, large units in the kitchen and other purchases!

We separate strictly and dispose of waste consciously. All waste is separated into cans and plastic, paper and cardboard, white and coloured glass, residual and organic waste, as well as wood, metal and batteries if required. Some of the recyclable materials are collected weekly or brought to a collection point in the valley by us personally. Consistent recycling!

From summer 2024, we will be producing our own electricity with our new PV on both roofs. We use clean energy that nature gives us. Energy certificate. Heating with resource-saving pellet heating, CO2-neutral heating. Reduction of electricity costs wherever possible.

We deliberately do without lighting at the hotel, we do without year-round lighting like a "Christmas tree". We prefer to let the stars and the moon shine. This is now almost a rare experience in this world.

Direct availability of public transport.

Hotel's own e-charging station.

Promotion of environmentally friendly mobility. Few suppliers due to the special access road.

...lots of originality, reduction where it does good, mindfulness with materials and resources.

"We are very grateful to be able to live this way & we are very proud of our sustainable guidelines. What we would very much like to see is an appreciation for people and nature."

Falknerhof Winter
sustainable highlights
we think green
  • Energy certificate
  • Energy saving alternatives – CO2 neutral heating with pellets
  • Ecological construction 
  • Down to earth behaviour in tune with nature
  • Purchasing regional products
  • Avoiding food waste
  • E-charging station in front of the house
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