Hotel Falknerhof
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2.283 m

Most of the tour leads through the forest. The higher you get, the thinner the forest becomes. There are many clearings along the tour. A certain amount of experience is required on the descent.

The starting point is the car park in Niederthai. To get to the forest road that leads into Grasstll valley, follow the trail to the southeast. Past the water reservoir, the trail leads to the signposted junction, which we follow until we reach a small hunting lodge. Here the trail leads steeply upwards and to the right. This part of the ascent takes you through the forest, which becomes increasingly sparse the higher up you go. At the end of the forest you have already reached the last stretch. Climbing up the narrow ridge you reach the destination in the form of a prominent stone.

The descent is along the same track.

difficulty | moderate
duration | ca. 2 h
distance | 8,1 km
ascent | 732 hm
descent | 765 hm