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Lehner waterfall

Climbing garden tour

In 2014, the Lehner Wasserfall via ferrata was extended with the left variant. The new variant running to the left is a via ferrata highlight for experts that is not easy to match. After an easy traverse, the first overhang to be climbed is in the highest degree of difficulty (E). This variant is not suitable for children. The original route, which runs to the right of the waterfall is much easier than the new variant but still requires strength, surefootedness and alpine experience. At the original exit you can test your strength on the short but difficult overhang. The overhang can be bypassed on the left by an easy variant. 50 meters above the exit, a hiking trail leads to the new rope bridge, so everyone can enjoy the new highlight.


Difficulty /Equipment

Initially vertical entry wall C, with slight interruptions over two short steep steps B to the lookout corner, ascending traverse B/C, again steeper wall to the overhang D (bypass possible), then over a rock band B and a steep exit wall B to the descent. Variant left: Just before the overhang from the exit on the right, the variant branches off, starting with difficulty A/B to just below the waterfall, then the most difficult place with 20 meters E (very difficult), then it continues with the difficulties of A-C to the rope bridge. Cross the 35-meter bridge to the exit. Equipment: helmet, harness with via ferrata set, via ferrata gloves, suitable footwear, possibly poles for the descent.


Climbing length and time required

220 meters of altitude and 430 m of rope length. 1.5 - 2 hour’s right exit and 2.5 - 3 hours left exit, with the descent 3 - 3.5 hours.


From the right exit up to the left then either over the rope bridge or on the hiking trail to the upper exit. From here descend to Lehn.

difficulty | easy
duration | ca. 2 h
distance | 0,43 km
ascent | 220 hm
descent | 220 hm