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The tour starts fairly flat from Niederthai on the natural toboggan run along the Horlachbach to the Schweinfurter hut. After about 1 hour you reach the Larstighof snack station. Here the ascent becomes a bit steeper and leads to the bridge over the stream. From here, head to the Finstertaler Senn hut, to which two different paths lead:

The first variant leads along the winter path past the Schweinfurter hut through a pine forest steeply ascending to the Finstertaler Senn hut. The second variant runs along the toboggan run via the Kleinhorlachalm to the Großhorlachalm. Along the Fintertalbach stream you will find the steep path that leads you up a steep slope to the Finstertaler Senn hut.

From there a path leads on again. Through the wide valley you walk in front of the Gaißkogel, until you reach a junction. On the right the path leads to the Hochreichkopf, on the left to the Wannekar. After turning left, the ascent begins over the wide ridge. Once there, our tour leads us south over a small descent into the basin in front of the Peistakogel. The last ascent begins and runs over the steep northern slope to the saddle between the left low ridge peak (Peistakogel of the Amap) and the right stone-marked higher peak (Peistakogel of the AV map).

You now have the choice of climbing in a few steps eastward to the Peistakreuz or (possibly on foot) over the somewhat windblown ridge westward to the highest point with Steinmann.Here you can also get a little higher in the Wannenkar over the steep slope to the Gruejoch, whereby the last meters offers a short amount of climbing.

The descent over the good 200m high and up to 40° steep north slope promises powder, then you glide over the steps of the Wannenkar down into the Horlachtal.

difficulty | moderate
duration | ca. 5 h
distance | 17,4 km
ascent | 1.200 hm
descent | 1.200 hm