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Ötztaler dictionary


The Ötztal dialect dates back over 900 years, and is still an integral part of the identity of the inhabitants today. This intangible cultural heritage is kept alive through everyday use. The Ötztal dialect thrives on the openness to new words that are constantly being added to the repertoire.

Since we are not only hoteliers but also residents of the Ötz valley, the dialect is also a natural part of our daily life. Tongue in cheek we would like to share a few words and phrases with you on our website and also during your stay with us. Visit the region and not only get to know it but also understand it – and perhaps you will end up taking a part of it home in your heart!

To help you, we have put together a small dictionary of the most important words.

allweite in the open [ollweite]
breätlen type of bread [preatlen]
darf village [darf]
eärlach really[eärlach]  
fartn last year [fearcht]
furmenta marmot [furmenta]
goggele egg [goggele]
gameza chamois [gammeza]
granten cranberries [granten]
guggar binoculars [guggar]
hatschar treck [hatschar]
höban up here [hööbm]
klatlen climbing [klatlen]
marende snack [marende]
pulla chicken [pulla]
schmoaß luck [schmoaß]
Tradition & customs
Tradition & customs

Traditions and customs that have been handed down over generations are cultivated and preserved throughout the Ötztal.